Black Friday is coming, but where oh where can you get the best deals? Lucky for us someone did the research for us and listed some of the big stores average Black Friday discounts! took a look at 22 stores and their ads on over 5,000 products. The average discounts for Black Friday came out to 39.45 percent. I might ad that this includes online discounts as well.

Below is the ranking of some of the stores that we have in our area..

JCPenney wins with the biggest average of discounts - 65 percent.

Sears came 5th place with 50.19 percent.

6th place was Walgreens at 46.74 percent.

Farther down the list:

Kohl's came in at 9th  39.89 percent.

Number 13 on the list is Target with 35.61 percent.

14th is Kmart 35.91 percent.

Walmart came in 18th place with  32.16 percent.

Also just making the list were Best Buy and Amazon.

Of course keep in mind that although Target, Kmart and Walmart fall below the average their prices are already lower to begin with! At least that's what I'm thinkin'!

You can check out the entire list of stores and their average on their discounts this year here!

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