Texarkana, Arkansas board of directors made a unanimous decision in a special-called meeting Saturday to rename to Hobo Jungle Park to the Ermer Dansby Pondexter Sports Complex. A celebratory applause awaited board members in response to the decision to change the name of the city park to honor a local intrepid civil rights leader and outstanding community champion.

Ward 3 Director Tim Johnson had the following to say in Ms. Pondexter's honor:

"From her earliest days, Ermer committed her life to ending racial segregation and even to this day, this lady continues to give her whole heart and soul to the community," Johnson said in a tribute to the honoree.

According to the Texarkana Gazette, Pondexter spent at least five decades not only fighting for local racial harmony and integration, but also giving tireless community service to both sides of Texarkana and beyond.

Arkansas-side Mayor Ruth Penney-Bell praised Pondexter's zeal for seeking justice for any and all people—regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or age.

"I believe that if I, to this very day, were to suffer an injustice of any kind, Ermer would be walking with me and helping me all the way," Penney-Bell said.

In addition to being up for challenges, Pondexter is credited with championing voter's registration and is credited with helping as many as 300 get registered just this year.


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