The Texarkana Texas Police Department captured a suspect wanted for murder in Houston this week, right here in Texarkana.

Your Texarkana Texas Police reported the arrest Tuesday afternoon of a wanted fugitive from the Houston area named Johnathan Coffee, 28, he was captured at a home in the 2000 block of Main St here in Texarkana, Texas.

Police in Harris County which is the county where Houston is located, sent word to TTPD Detectives that Coffee had a warrant for Failure to Appear in a Harris County court on a murder charge and they believed he was in our area.

Murder Suspect Captured in Texarkana - TTPD
Murder Suspect Captured in Texarkana - TTPD

Texarkana Police said in a release on Facebook:

While checking our records, we discovered that he'd previously been arrested from the Main Street address some time back. After officers located him there today and surrounded the house, Coffee came outside and was arrested without incident.

Jonathan Coffee is currently being held in the Bi-State Jail and is expected to be transported to Harris County soon.

We congratulate our Texarkana Texas Police on a job well done.

Check out this weeks Bowie County Sheriff's Report.

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