Fall is here, and summer wasted no time exiting the building. Know what that means.... time to put up the sandals and sundresses and time to adjust to the time change. 

On November 1 our clocks will go back an hour and it will get darker earlier. Yuck! Me, personally?? I wish it would remain on this time year-round. Apparently I'm not the only one with this sentiment. Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have proposed legislation to keep us on the current time til next year.

Their reasoning was solid if you ask me. They said being that the bulk of families in the country consists of parents working remotely and/or children learning virtually, remaining on our current time will allow more hours for families to have more time after-work and after-school activities.

When time goes back, it takes me months to adjust. The early nights makes me feel like it's super late, and any activities requiring daylight get shoved in early the next morning or are pushed back to the weekend. We all know that's not what weekends are for, right?! While this is how I feel, I've spoken to many other people who look forward to daylight savings time. How do you feel?

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