With summer and the heat already here I had a question. Is it illegal to drive your car with bare feet in Arkansas?

Summertime is here and not only is the temperature already high, but the need to get out those summer clothes is also here. With those summer clothes are probably some slip-on shoes or flip-flops. They sure make the heat a little more bearable, but when I get in the car they are not always the best shoe to have on when I am driving.

Male hands crossed over healthy resting feet.

Last week in the Jeep I just kicked off the flip flop and drove with no shoes. But then I remembered way back that a friend told me it was illegal to drive with no shoes. So I decided to do a little research and find out if it is really illegal to drive barefoot in Arkansas.

Anja Unsplash
Anja Unsplash

After looking in a couple of different spots I found a resource that listed all 50 states and if it is indeed against the law to drive a car barefoot. The site metromile.com has the answer we are looking for. This is exactly what the law says about driving barefoot in Arkansas:

No, but police officers may issue a ticket at their discretion, according to ArkansasOnline.com

So what does the ArkansasOnline have to say about barefoot driving? It gets even more confusing.

We have been told by law enforcement that the state's legal code includes naught that specifically mandates drivers wear shoes. Similar to the conundrum of whether or not it's legal to drive with a dog in the lap.

In either case, a policeman using his discretion could ticket a driver for careless and prohibited driving, which would cover a multitude of sins.

So it is not illegal but an officer may issue you a ticket if you get pulled over for something else like a moving violation.

If you are curious about driving without shoes in the other states. It is not illegal, you can drive barefoot, but most states say that they deem it unsafe. But a couple of states, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, could hit you with a reckless driving ticket.

So if you want to let those bare feet on the pedals in your car remember it's all ok unless you get caught by the police.

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