It's a debate that continues to rage in political circles and just might be one of the deciding factors in the 2016 Presidential race. Should no one but cops, the military and the bad guys have guns, or should law abiding citizens like you and me get to have them too? What does the 2nd Amendment mean? Is it a two part statement or just one? Is it all about hunting, self defense or protecting yourself from a tyrannical government?

If you have 5 minutes, WGCL-TV CBS 46's Ben Swann has a "Reality Check" that should set you straight pretty quick.

This may be a very foreign concept, but the first fight over the Second Amendment wasn’t over whether the population should be armed. All the framers agreed with that. The fight was between federalists and anti-federalists over whether we would have a standing army.

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The Supreme Court has ruled several times now that the 2nd Amendment's right to keep and bear arms is directed to the people, not the militia.

Great work Dan, I couldn't agree more.

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