The Great State of Texas has been offering state certifications for Film Friendly and Music Friendly cities for some time now, there's even a new one I hadn't heard about until now and that is being a certified Tourism Friendly city. The latest to be added to the list is now getting your community Digital Media Friendly, is your city up to the challenge? Let's find out. 

Governor Greg Abbott launched the new Digital Media Friendly Texas Certified Community program in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism. The program being launched through the Texas Film Commission is designed to attract digital media production across Texas to help grow local jobs in animation, visual effects, video games, and extended reality.

“Texas is a magnet for innovative industry leaders and creative talent, and this new program will help take our state to new heights in the innovative world of digital media,” said Governor Abbott. “I thank the Texas Film Commission for working with Texas communities to expand their local economies by attracting new investments in the booming digital media industry."

Governor Abbott explained that the Digital Media Friendly Texas Certified Community program is open to communities of all sizes and experience levels with the only prerequisite being an interest in cultivating digital media industries and growing local jobs. The program also provides ways to help market their unique attributes, locations, and resources directly to digital media industry companies and professionals.

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Texas is the first state in the Nation to offer these Film Friendly, Music Friendly, and Tourism Friendly Certified Community programs, and now the Digital Media Friendly Texas Community designation is open to local governments or non-profit economic development and tourism community organizations.

The new Digital Media designation showcases certified communities to digital media companies and professionals to attract economic development opportunities and grow local jobs. The program also connects digital media professionals in Texas with skilled municipal liaisons to encourage new digital media investment in Texas. Additionally, the program educates communities and their residents about the importance of digital literacy to help close the digital divide.

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The Texas Film Commission has been helping grow local jobs and economies for the last 50 years by promoting Texas as the premier destination for film, television, commercial, animation, visual effects, video games, and extended reality production.

For more information on the Digital Media Friendly Texas Certified Community program, visit:

For more information on Digital Media production in Texas, visit:

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