Boosie BadAzz is admitting fault in the whole T.I. saga.

On Thursday (April 26) Boosie returned to VladTV for his latest interview. They start off by addressing the can of worms opened when Boosie called Tip a rat for telling a story about snitching on his dead cousin during Boosie's previous Vlad interview. The two rappers have since squashed their beef, with Boosie revealing it was a phone call that helped dead the issues.

"[The phone call] just went like two bosses would handle it," Boosie said in the video below. "First of all, we got kids who love each other. First we weren't agreeing and we was going back and forth. He spoke how he felt and I spoke how I felt. He felt me and I felt him. I gave him an apology."

"After we kept going back and forth, the things he was doing for me in my life at the time, I kinda felt bad," Boosie added. "He was doing some real s**t. Helping me in a lot of ways. I still told him, I stand on what I stand on. He explained it to me and we got by it. Like he said on the phone, it was embellishment. Just seeing what the world gon' say. We got by it."

Boosie calling out T.I. led to a wild back and forth between the two rappers back in February. Tip initially clapped back and then claimed he made up the story about snitching on his dead cousin. Tip later brought his police paperwork to a restaurant to prove he wasn't a snitch. Earlier this month, Boosie and T.I. ran into each other at the airport and appeared to be on good terms.

See Video of Boosie BadAzz Detailing His Phone Conversation With T.I. That Squashed Their Beef Below

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