Joyner Lucas returns with another thought-provoking video for "Devil's Work 2," and this time, he's calling out Candace Owens.

On Friday (March 10), Joyner Lucas released a visual for "Devil's Work 2," a sequel to the 2020 song of the same name. He reimagines a world where celebrity deaths, social justice issues and pop culture tragedies can be reversed. In the clip, the Massachusetts rhymer thinks Candace Owens should trade places with George Floyd to see how it feels to die by asphyxiation. You can watch the video below.

Throughout the video, Joyner is in a hotel room with a Bible and a gun as he muses about some of the tragic and shocking events within the past year. From asking God why Pop Smoke, Takeoff and PnB Rock were killed, to wanting to push the pause button before Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, to wishing Kobe Bryant could come back and more.

But Joyner also aimed his lyrical vitriol at right-wing pundit Candace Owens, who last year released her controversial documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Told, in which the movie falsely claimed that George Floyd's death was caused by his alleged usage of fentanyl and not by the hands of police.

"Lord, forgive me for my language and these bad words/But that Candace Owens b***h get on my last nerve/How you gon' tell me that what we witnessed on TV wasn’t murder when we watched n***as turn his ass into Casper?," he raps in the video. "George died from asphyxiation and that's a factor/Fentanyl or not, he'd had never died and his last words were, 'I cannot breathe'/So really she gotta chill or maybe they should trade places so she could see how it feel."

Joyner Lucas' "Devil's Work 2" will appear on his upcoming album, Not Now, I’m Busy.

Watch Joyner Lucas' "Devil's Work 2" Video Below

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