Drivers be aware when traveling through Arkansas this fall Senate Bill 481 has been signed into law by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders that would utilize cameras for capturing speeding drivers in work zones on highways and interstates all across Arkansas.

According to Mark A. Woodall with the Arkansas Department of Transportation, the new law which is now known as Act 707 will soon allow for automated speed enforcement devices to capture images of speeding vehicles in work zones; the image will be automatically transmitted to an officer stationed at the end of the work zone and the officer will have the authority to issue a warning or ticket to the offender.


The cameras will only be used in active work zones and if you are caught speeding an alert will be sent to the Arkansas State Police or Highway Patrol stationed near the work zone. Signs indicating that you are entering a work zone under surveillance will warn drivers as they approach the area, according to a report from KTHV11.

See the complete context of the bill here. The new law is set to go into effect in August 2023.

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