I love America's Got Talent on NBC. It's the only talent-type show I watch. Never got into American Idol or The Voice or a host of other singing talent shows. Because that's all it is, singing. While I appreciate a great singer, there are bazillions of them, everywhere you go. AGT gives us a variety of talented acts and makes it much more fun to watch.

Tuesday night was the second night of the live shows in Hollywood, Cali. A tremendous night of entertainment I must say. It got a little scary too since one of the acts had a bit of a mishap. Ryan Stock & AmberLynn had an "oops" when the arrow she fired from the crossbow didn't hit the target but instead hit Ryan in the neck/shoulder area. He's ok but it was a pretty intense moment. Did I mention the arrow was on fire? It was.

Here are my picks to move on to the semi-finals:

  • Steven Brundage
  • The Clairvoyants
  • Sal Valentinetti
  • Sofie Dossi
  • Calysta Bevier
  • Kadie Lynn
  • Viktor Kee

If you missed any of the acts last night, their performances are below, or you can watch the whole episode at NBC.com.

Since the Olympics are here we now have to wait until Tuesday, August 23 for the next live AGT show.



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