On Wednesday, October 29, I tested positive for COVID 19. Hear me when I say... Test results hit different when it's your name on the paperwork. 

I think the world slowed down for a second and every thing around me went mute.

"OK... here's the deal, Ms. King, your test came back positive."

Wait what?!?! Did this man just tell me I'm positive for COVID?! I sat there in my car lookin at him out of my window. His mouth was moving, but I didn't hear a word he said. Once I came back, I asked him to please repeat everything..... and very patiently, he did just that. Shout out to the physicians at Lansdell Family Clinic. I pulled away and cried like a baby.


I got up Saturday morning and met with a group of ladies for a project we were working on. Mask on, but because I know these ladies, the mask didn't stay on. As a matter of fact, none of us had on a mask.

Fast forward to the top of the following week.... I was literally fine one minute and the next minute out of nowhere I began running a fever that would not go away. All symptoms and signs pointed to COVID. So, I went and got tested.


I am currently in day 2 of a 14-day quarantine. Here's what that's like...... Everything on my body hurts... my eye sockets, my gums, even my knees. It's hard to stay awake. I've been working on this simple blog for hours now.... too fatigue to sit up for long periods of time.  I'm too weak to go up and down my stairs. So, I'm basically living downstairs to prevent complete exhaustion.  My throat hurts. No appetite. Why am I telling you all of this?? Because ya'll think it's a game. COVID IS REAL! COVID IS AGGRESSIVE! COVID doesn't discriminate. It'll hit you and everybody you love.

Just because these bars are open doesn't mean you have to be up in there. Yet, every weekend, spots are packed out here. Why are we still doing large gatherings, trail rides, etc.? I contracted the virus in a small group of 7 maybe 8 women at the most. I'm gonna say it again.... Results hit different when it's your name or the name of someone you love on the paperwork.

My best advice to you is to treat EVERYBODY as if they are a carrier of the virus. If you're still hanging out, going out and gathering in large numbers, you're foolish. Don't think for a second this virus won't come to your door step, walk in and make itself at home. I am proof of it. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have contracted COVID, especially being that I'm rarely out and about.

To my faithful listeners, I will be back in full effect on the air November 9. Until then, keep me and those I love lifted in prayer. Thank you... Miss and love you all!

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