So, let me begin by saying Bringle Lake Park is so DOPE! Now that that's out of the way... Today I took a break from the studio to go sight seeing, and Bringle Lake Art Park was my destination of choice thanks to a video I saw on Facebook earlier featuring my good friend, Margaret Robinson-Davis. The video highlighted her (including her daughters) volunteerism  in helping beautify the very ducked off "art section" of the park. SIDE NOTE: You may recall in April I blogged about Bringle Park's summer clean-up and painting schedule.

In any event, I twisted a coworkers arm, and he drove out with me as the camera guy. It took us a minute to find the spot because when I say it's ducked off...*in my Barry White voice* Its. Ducked. Off. especially for a chick who's unfamiliar with the park. My thoughts.... only a couple of things could be going down back here. Imjussayin.  The good thing is, in my search, I stumbled upon an entire park tour, & I loved it!

The murals I saw were way too good not to share. Check them out below.


Quite honestly pictures do it no justice. I have only two questions: 1. What is the City's overall cosmetic goal for this secluded art attraction with an infinite amount of potential? 2. Why was that particular location of the park chosen?

I'm no artsy fartsy chick...but I know beauty when I see it. You guys, go check it out!