Well what was once NE (New Edition? is now RBRM (Ricky,Bobbie, Ronnie, Mike) according to reports from TVOne.

Literally, just last week (May 2nd to be exact), Michael Bivins revealed via Instagram that there was indeed some beef between the members of New Edition. This, of course, would explain why we've sat drumming our fingers patiently for months awaiting an update on the NE Summer Tour we were promised.

While we wanted them to quickly iron out their differences and get back to business, we never thought and certainly didn't want it to result in the dismissal of two of it's members! That's right... it looks like Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill are no longer a part of New Edition. Heck, for that matter it looks like there is no more New Edition, and the new kids on the block are calling themselves RBRM. Pretty sure  that's NOT what Ralph had in mind when he dropped the those Candy Girl lyrics in '83.
In a recent photoshoot posted by most of the NE members that has us all shook, it was revealed that not only were ties severed between the different parties, but a name change came with it.

Well as it stands, Ronnie DeVoe and Ricky Bell will join Brown and Bivins this summer on stage in Atlanta and Detroit. And it looks like the official tour will start in Septemeber, according to TVOne.

Allegedly, the beef stemmed from a feud over the New Edition Trademark owned by Johnny and Ralph.

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