Meek Mill has had two separate private flights searched by the police in less than a week and the Philadelphia rapper does not think it is a coincidence.

The firs time it happened was on Saturday (March 8) when his flight made a pit stop at the Miami Airport. Meek recorded video of police searching his team's bags, which were removed from the plane, and provided commentary. He thinks the group was racially profiled.

"How many times you gotta get searched being a Black man?" he questions in the video. "I be telling them, 'The least y'all can do is give us an explanation for being searched. Y'all already know we Black, we be getting searched too much.' All this shit, our bags gotta lay out. We just landed in Miami to pick up food and gas. Now they making us take all our bags off."

It reportedly happened to another flight the rapper was on on Tuesday night (March 10). It is unclear where Meek was this time, but he shared a photo of this encounter with police as well.

"Searching the jet againnnnnnn," he posted on the photo along with a face palm emoji. "Somebody calling them, gotta be looking for drugs on us! That's an insult."

XXL has reached out to Meek Mill's team and the Miami Police Department for comment.

MeekMill via Instagram
MeekMill via Instagram

Hearing about a rapper's private flight being searched definitely hits different following the death of Juice Wrld, which happened shortly after a private flight he was on landed in Chicago and was searched by authorities. The rapper reportedly tried to hide prescription pills from cops by swallowing them, which may have been the leading factor in his passing.

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