Have you heard about the internet famous "Bat Dog" from Arkansas?

The dog was in an Arkansas shelter and they shared her photo on Facebook and then it went viral even getting her own Reddit page. Her pointed teeth underbite and pointy ears gave her the 'Bat Dog' name and now has become an internet sensation. Bob and Tori Winnigham are Bats new owners and Bob had this to say about his trip to the shelter to meet this viral dog sensation.

"A couple more texts and phone calls later we knew this was an opportunity we couldn't pass on. While hearing the North Little Rock shelter phone ring multiple times in regards to Bat and seeing multiple visitors arriving to visit with Bat, we opened her adoption packet and got the process going,"

Her new Little Rock owners have started up a Reddit page on Bat Dog so people can see how she is doing on her transition into her new home and of course they hope it will help in other unique dogs being able to find their forever homes and that more people would make the effort to adopt their next dog and not just shop for one. Keep in mind that for some reason dogs that are black in color tend to stay in shelters longer for some reason.

If you are interested in adopting a dog in Texarkana you can do so at the following places.

The Animal Care and Adoption Center. It is located in Texarkana Arkansas.

Jeff Tarpley Rescue in Texarkana Texas

The Texarkana Humane Society

The Texarkana Animal League

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