Where can you go in Texarkana and NOT see someone proudly rocking MC Fresh? For that matter, where can you go and find anything like MC Fresh? I'll wait...

MC Fresh, a unique urban boutique, crossed a milestone this month and celebrated it's 9th birthday this past weekend at the Octavia's Center.  The night was enjoyed by all who love and support the Texarkana native, Miracle Hendrix, and his vision to continue to supply the world with pieces that make a statement that you won't find anywhere else.

MC Fresh was fresh before there was ever a mortar and clay building named Miracle's Closet. The story always reminds me of the scripture, "Do not despise small beginnings." Unfortunately, I wasn't able to celebrate MC Fresh's b-day, but I was able to catch up with Miracle to see how he must feel being nine years strong in the game. He shared the following:

Celebrating nine years rocking “MC” has been a blessing. I started my journey by selling my first shirt out the trunk of my car in the parking lot of North Park Mall in Dallas, Texas.  My good friend, LaCresha Collins, was the first person to purchase my first shirt design. From that day, I pushed my brand out the Trunk of my car in the streets of Dallas, Texarkana, Houston & Austin, TX until it was time for me to be in a store location.

In the past nine years, the MC Fresh brand has been shipped to 45 different states including the US, Japan, London, Thailand, and more. It is currently carried in Premium Kicks in Atlanta, Georgia and other stores are in the works. You can pull up on Miracle's Closet Tuesday - Saturday, 9 am-9 pm or shop online at ShopMCfresh.com.

On a personal note: Upon moving to Texarkana, I had the privilege of meeting Miracle at his place of business. I'll never forget the first MC Fresh shirt I rocked, which said, "Focus on your vision. Have faith in God. You shall prosper". Although I've gotten many MC Fresh shirts since, that one in particular remains very special to me because it was randomly given to me by Miracle. And Unbeknownst to the owner and visionary, the shirt was timely and boasted a word in season for the new chick who had just left everything familiar in hot pursuit of her own vision.

Call it fashion... call it ministry... and at the end of the day, call it REAL. Miracle had no clue I would mention the quote on my first MC Fresh shirt... but ironically had the following expression of gratitude and advice to give:


I’m thankful for my progress and want to tell anyone that’s listening.. Focus On Your Vision Have Faith In God & You Shall Prosper!!! Pay Your Tithes & Put In Your Work and Lord Will Bless You Ima Living Witness

And with that said... The Lord Go Bless Ya Foo:)

Below are some pics from the MC Fresh B-day bash this weekend.