I talk a lot about purpose and following your dreams. But what I've found is that a lot of people want to ride the bus, but don't want to pay the toll. Purpose doesn’t come without a price. But I can tell you that it IS the BEST investment you will ever make in your life. People tell me quite often how they want to be in radio. I secretly laugh to myself, because I know the price I paid for what they say they want. Before I ever saw a dime for radio, I drove an hour and 30 both ways to do radio…. FOR FREE. I sometimes made that trip twice in one day… FOR FREE. But was it REALLY for free? Oh I got paid because here I am doing what I love and dreamt of doing.

Hey it may not be a smooth ride, but get on the bus and PAY THE TOLL because you will appreciate your trip and destination a whole lot more.

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