Who is ready for some great Monster Truck action? The Annual Monster MASH Show is coming back to Texarkana on the opening night of the Four States Fair & Rodeo.

Who will come out on top?  You'll see the Monster Trucks battle it out in
Racing, Wheelies, and Freestyle. Plus Monster Truck Rides by MEAN MACHINE for $10 Per Person, Kids Powerwheels Races and Giveaways too.

You'll See Monster Trucks That Have Been on National TV

Sean Green
Sean Green
 KING KRUNCH *Texas' Original Monster Truck
TAILGATOR *Taking a BITE out of the Competition
TANTRUM *Rookie of the Year
FREEDOM FORCE *Crushing for our Troops
WATCHMAN *All New Truck

Free Fan Zone Pit Party Before the Show

Sean Green
Sean Green
The action all takes place on Friday, April 1 with a special Fan Zone Pit Party that starts at 4 PM and it's free. You'll be able to get up and close to these Monster Trucks and get autographs from the drivers of these Monsters.
The show gets started at 6 PM
Sean Green
Sean Green

Ticket Information

Cash and credit cards will also be accepted at the gate.
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