This Saturday, from 9 AM to 2 PM, the King of Saturdays will debut his brand New Southern Soul, Blues and Zydeco Show with special celebrity guest and Southern Soul Sensation, Jeter Jones. Don't be tardy to the party this Saturday at his NEW HOME! It's going down in a major way! DJ Godfather is ready to grace the airwaves on Majic 93.3 and get you up, moving and ready for whatever the weekend has in store!

After being a radio personality for 26 years, we are so excited for DJ Godfather to join the Majic 93.3 team bringing a Southern Soul edge that appeals to every bike club, trail rider, and blues lover! Godfather is one of a kind and is passionate about his craft, his listeners and, OF COURSE, his Southern Soul and Blues.

I asked Godfather if he has always had such a love for blues, and I was a little surprised by his answer. He said,

“I began DJing with a heavy lean to R&B. One night while DJing at the nightclub, Mr. D’s, the owner came to me and said, ‘Godfather, you’re going to have to start playing some Blues or I’m going to replace you.’ So, to keep my job, I began playing Southern Soul and Blues and fell in love.”

Thank you, Mr. D owner, for unleashing a Southern Soul giant! lol

Special guest, Jeter Jones will duck walk into the studio and join the party around noon! So call your neighbors and let them know their's a party going down on Majic 93.3 every Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM with the King of Saturdays. Don't meet us there, BEAT US THERE!!


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