All is fair in radio & football, right?? Well this Sunday it goes down when DJ Godfather's Dallas Cowboys face off with MY Green Bay Packers in a HEAD 2 HEAD match-up at Cowboy Stadium this Sunday!! DJ Godfather is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) Dallas Cowboy fans around. Hands down, I'm likely the ONLY Green Bay fan in TK. So this weekend it's a whole showdown.... WHO WILL IT BE?!?!?! The cheeseheads or the cowgirl ehhHUM... I meant Cowboys?

Godfather had this to say about Sunday's matchup:

Ezekiel Elliot will have a huge day running the ball because Green Bay has a hard time stopping the run. Let's go Cowboys!

Ya know I had to clap back:

The very SIGHT of those Packer's helmets on the sideline ought to make the Cowboys shiver. The Cowboys are 1 - 6 against the Packers since 2010. I get all that about Zeke's running game.... blah blah blah but don't forget who our QB is. He'll put the whole squad on his back and WALK THROUGH in the 11th hour with the W" #DISCOUNTDOUBLECHECK

Now, Texarkana.... We want to hear from you! Who ya riding with this Sunday? Is it the King of Saturday's Cowboys OR "Your Best Friend At Work's Green Bay Packers?

Soooo I'm thinking whoever's team loses, that person should have to take a picture AND post it wearing the opponents jersey or shirt. It's on and poppin, Godfather! Get ready!



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