October 1 was National  Black Dog Day, and the kick off to 'Black-tie Adoption Month' at the Animal Care and Adoption Center, Texarkana .

During Black-Tie Adoption Month all black dog adoptions will be sponsored, which means adopters will only pay $40 to adopt their new best friend. The first black pooch to get adopted this month was this sweet fella below by the name of Rugar who came into the shelter in April.


Happy tails to our Ruger, he was our first black dog adopted this month! Ruger has been at the shelter since April 22, 2020 but we are so happy to see this sweet boy leave!

The Animal Care and Adoption Center's director Kayla, took the special month to another level having a professional photoshoot done with the cutest, sweetest pooches ever!

Below check out some of the pics from the photoshoot shot by Debbie Brower Photography:

Mila, Lab/Hound Mix

Animal Care 4


Zola, Lab/Shep Mix

Animal Care2

Lab/Bassett mix

Animal 8

Pit bull mix

Animal 9

Lab/Dane mix

Animal 10

For more information about adopting your newest family member, contact Kayla at the Animal Care and Adoption Center at 870-773-6388.


Adoption prices:
Female dogs:
0-30lbs $174
31-60lbs $190
61-100lbs $201
101-up lbs $221
Male dogs:
0-50lb $164
51-100lbs $172
101lbs-up $182
Female cats:
Male cats:
Unless the animals has already been altered.
Then the fee is $60 for dogs and $40 for cats
We also have Sponsors, who will sponsor the vetting of some of the animals available, which then makes, Dog Adoptions $40 and Cats $20
We also offer to the public, Microchips for your pets. Which is $20

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