Are you a member of Sam's Club? Have you thought about getting your own membership? Have you seen this? Whether you live in Texarkana, Little Rock, Hot Springs, Dallas or Houston anywhere there's a Sam's Club. It looks like now is a great time to sign up and get that Sam's Club membership you've been thinking about because you can get that membership for only $8. 

Buying in Bulk

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This offer is only for new members. Oh, how I wish I could take advantage of this offer. My husband and I have been members there for years. If you like to shop in bulk then you really should get on this asap. Buying in bulk for things like toilet paper, paper towels can save you time and money. But, we also buy our steaks from there and they have a great wine selection too. too. The Gasoline prices are also tough to beat.

$8 Membership is a Big Savings

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And I do mean soon because it's a limited offer. Their lowest price membership is $45 so if you can get it for $8? Well, just saying. I'd definitely do it! How did they come up with the $8 price? The yard line at the two-minute warning in the 4th Quarter in the Super Bowl


Here's How to Get the Offer For a Limited Time

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According to their website, this deal is only good from now until this Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022 It's for new members only and must be redeemed in-store.  Now here is the important part:

  1. Head to the Membership desk in the club.
  2. Mention the "big game offer" to redeem your new membership.

You can find out more information right here at Sams Club join like a VIP. Keep scrolling to see how the biggest retailer got started.

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