We've kinda always thought some cars just drive themselves because SURELY the bone head behind the steering wheel in the car next to you wasn't given a license to drive. Well...... The Arkansas Legislature has approved a bill that allows pilot programs to test self-driving vehicles on state roads. 

The bill that was approved this past Tuesday (March 12) will allow organizations to submit operation and safety plans for up to three autonomous vehicles to operate on Arkansas roads

Republican Sen. Mathew Pitsch of Fort Smith, the bill's sponsor, says operation and safety plans first must be approved by the state Department of Transportation and law enforcement authorities before autonomous vehicles can be tested. Pitsch says he's not sure when self-driving cars would be on the roads.

The bill, was approved by the senate 27-5, and it specifically states that self-diving vehicles must be fully capable of driving and reacting as a human driver would. A spokesman for Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he would sign the bill.

Soooooo, if I'm driving down Arkansas Blvd and someone fails to put on a signal when turning into Walmart, who do I yell at???

View the video below to get an idea of what this "self-driving" car is all about:

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