Not a great day to be shooting last Saturday, muddy and chilly, but for those of us that love our sport, any day shooting beats just about anything else. For such a nasty day we had a pretty good turnout for the Texarkana Gun Club's first USPSA/IPSC match of 2011. Twenty eight total shooters showed up to compete and while I don't know everyone, I do know at least one that drove all the way from the Longview, Texas area to come and shoot with us. Thanks for coming Charlie, it was great to meet you!

Congrats are in order for our top five overall shooters:

  1. Odie DeHan
  2. Harmon Greer
  3. Justin Reeves
  4. Gerald Meharry
  5. Kelly Murrey

But enough about them, this is my "Shooters Log" right?

I came in 19th overall out of 28 shooters and 3rd in my class out of 9 shooters. Not too shabby considering I came in dead last out of 35 shooters in my debut at one of last seasons matches. I'll take that improvement and run with it thank you!

The next match is set for April 2nd if you would like to join us.

If you're interested in taking shooting lessons, a concealed carry course or just looking for a place to shoot, please check out our site,

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