The biggest problem with making Bucket Lists is my list keeps getting longer the older I get. If God allows me to live out most of my list, I will be here a long, long time. Fingers crossed. 

Today we go in search of the 10 oldest restaurants in the Great State of Texas. These are not listed by which eateries are the best, I have no way of knowing that yet. At this point, there are too many that I haven't been to. So, we will have to start literally at the beginning and see where this list takes us. I have been to a few of these though which made me glad I didn't grow up completely sheltered.

Before we get to the Texas list let's check out a couple of other intriguing places, the first being...

The Oldest Restaurant On Earth!

St. Peter Stiftskeller - Suly/Google Maps
St. Peter Stiftskeller - Suly/Google Maps

We have to go to Salzburg, Austria to find the oldest restaurant on the planet, it's called St Peter Stiftskeller and is located inside the walls of St Peter's Abby. Yes, you read that right, 803 AD, and you thought Mcdonald's served a lot of people. According to, they serve traditional Austrian cuisine, and the average meal costs around $70.

Ok, that is most impressive, now let's check out...

The Oldest Restaurant In America:

The Wayside Inn - Sudbury, Massachusetts - Google Maps
The Wayside Inn - Sudbury, Massachusetts - Google Maps

The Wayside Inn: Located in Sudbury, Massachusetts, the Wayside Inn has been in continuous business since 1702, officially granted its first "Inn Keeper" license in 1716. If it's 2022 when you're reading this that would be 320 years, 74 years before we became a country. There is one place that claims to be older but it hasn't been in continuous operation all this time.

Now, it's time for the countdown to begin...

Top 10 Oldest Restaurants in Texas

We have looked high and low, all over the Lone Star State and after comparing notes this is the list we have come up with, the oldest restaurants in the Great State of Texas. Feel free to update your Bucket List accordingly.

How many have you been to? Any of them? All of them? Did we make your Bucket List larger? I know one thing for sure, I'm starving.

El Arroyo - The Greatest Sign In Texas

These are just a few of the many hilarious signs you will find at El Arroyo Tex-Mex Restaurant in Austin, Texas. Look them up next time you go there, we hear the food is great too.

10 Things You Didn't Know Come From Texas

What Makes This House in Texas Unique? It's Totally Underground!

This is one of the craziest houses ever because it's totally underground.
The house is located in Buffalo, Texas. The house is $3,000 Square feet and sits on or should we say under almost 40 acres. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and no windows! But the owners got creative bringing the outdoors inside. Check out the murals in the house. Painted trees, blue skies plus a room that has a beach scene mural. Why would you need windows?
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