I have written about dangerous snakes and spiders in Arkansas but there is one animal you need to worry about more than all of the spiders and snakes combined.

If you are looking at general things that are dangerous we have plenty of that in Arkansas. From snakes and spiders to floods and tornadoes we have a pretty big list of things that can get you.

Iowa and Kansas

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Did you know in Kansas and Iowa the deadliest animal is a cow? Yes, cows can be dangerous in certain situations but it seems so unlikely for them to be so deadly.



In Louisiana, the deadliest animal is the hornet. No further explanation is necessary.


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In Oklahoma, the deadliest animal is the Tiger. I know they have had two different instances of Tiger escapes that may make you a little more terrified of them running loose in Oklahoma.


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In Texas, it is a Fire Ant. We have all been stung by some fire ants but for them to be considered deadliest in the state is pretty scary.


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The deadliest animal in the state of Arkansas is the Black Bear. The black bear is pretty common in Arkansas. At one time Arkansas was considered the bear state with over 50,000 bears but after extensive hunting for meat, let's, and their fat the bear population bottomed out in the 1930s in which there were an estimated 50 bears left in the state.

Now black bears are plentiful in Arkansas and now can be hunted with the correct permits.

Black bears can be found in three major areas in Arkansas according to onlyinark.com

Whether you’re interested in hunting bears or simply spotting one, you can find black bears in Arkansas in three main areas: the Ozark Highlands area, the Ouachita National Forest, and the lower White River basin.

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