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Texarkana-Area High Schools Advance In The Playoffs This Weekend
This time of year is tough, finding the good gifts for the holidays, getting ready for company on Thanksgiving, cleaning the house... oh yeah, don't forget high school football playoffs. Congratulations to Texas High, Ashdown, De Kalb, and Pleasant Grove all moving up the playoff brackets this week. These kids and coaches can hardly think of anything else except winning this week and moving up to
Which Texarkana High School Has The Best Mascot?
Football season is in full swing in Texarkana. And with football season comes the crosstown rivalries and the bragging rights on what school is the best. But we want to know what school in Texarkana has the best mascot?
Texarkana Area High School Schedules
Summer is drawing to a close and school is getting ready to start. For most folks, this is sad news but for football fans, this means high school football is about to get started.

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