Big Congratulations to Texas High School! They competed in a Public Service Announcement video competition about distracted driving for the Texas Department of Transportation and they won!!

The first prize was $2,000 in the TxDOT's Traffic Safety PSA competition that was held last month. The project which included students Logan Diggs, Assad Malik, Guy Johnson and advisor Carla Dupree concentrates on the hazards of distracted and drunk driving.

It is a powerful video, to say the least. The video called 'Is a Life Worth Your Attention'  shows a young girl throwing a basketball into a hoop on her driveway In the next scene we see a young driver take a sip of beer (which of course is a big no-no!) then the video goes back to the child play on the driveway. Next, there is another shot of the driver taking a sip of beer and then looking at the road. Then the driver starts taking a selfie while driving. This video really displays how quickly things can change when you take your attention off the road for even an instant.

According to a press release, there were thirteen schools in total competing in a nine-country area that is covered by the TxDOT Atlanta District. The $2,000 prize money  that will go towards this year's Project Celebration at Texas High

Be sure to check out their winning video below!

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