Target has been recognized as one of "the most ethical companies" in the world and has not been shy about championing LGBTQ inclusion. However, on this Father's Day, they have left a few shoppers scratching their heads.While searching for the best Father's Day card, some shoppers were a bit taken aback to find  "Baby Daddy" greeting cards in the beloved chain store. *side eye* Check it out below.

Now if I'm not mistaken, if you father a child, that makes you a father, right? Does it really matter if the two parents were married before, during, or after the child was conceived? A father is a father is a father IS A FATHER. So, why not just continue using the word, "father" in Father's Day greeting cards? Sounds sensible to me. The Baby Daddy cards are a stretch, but sadly enough some "baby mamma" out there thinking it's cute. *side eye* To add injury to insult, the cover on the card has a Black couple on front kissing! Now, first of all, let's keep it 100. We KNOW if it's a baby daddy/baby mamma type situation, nine times out of ten ain't not kissing going on. Second of all, to put a Black couple on front of a "Baby Daddy" card is a direct insult to the Black man, Black family, and Black community as a whole.

Looks like Target, like other brands, would prefer we charge this issue to their racism ignorance. Prime example, a brand I loved.... H & M. Remember the ad with the little Black boy wearing the hoodie that said, "The Coolest Monkey In the Jungle"? I'm still very real-life pressed at his mamma. *side eye*

Walmart was sued by a woman for racial discrimination when a shopper realized the only hair care products that were locked on the shelves were the ones marketed to black women. Even Starbucks closed its stores to host racial-bias training.

What do you think of the greeting cards these customers found at their local Target?

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