The Texarkana Arkansas City Board of Directors will have their first meeting of the month of April, this evening beginning at 6:00PM at Arkansas side City Hall.

Here is the agenda for tonight's meeting:


1.Call to Order
2.Roll Call
3.Invocation given by guest of Director Tim Johnson
4.Pledge of Allegiance by guest of Director Tim Johnson
5.Comments from the Mayor

Questions from Directors and other business

A.Presentation of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas Employee/Retiree Service Awards. (CCD)
B.Proclamation presented to CenterPoint Energy for safe digging month.
A.Approval of Minutes of the regular meeting March 20, 2017. (CCD)

Adopt a Resolution authorizing Texarkana Water Utilities to contribute a maximum $15,000 per year for administrative expenses associated with the management of TWU (TWU)

9.Adopt a Ordinance to amend Chapter 5 and Chapter 9 of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas Code of Ordinances to revise fees. (FIN) (PowerPoint) (SECOND READING) (Finance Director TyRhonda Henderson)
10.Citizen Communication [Agenda Item Card and Citizens’ Communication Card]
A limit of five (5) minutes per subject is allotted for any person to express a written or oral viewpoint, grievance or other message to the Board of Directors, with a maximum of fifty (50) minutes allotted for citizen communications.  No advance permission is required, but persons wishing to address the Board are requested to fill out a “blue” card listing the subject to be addressed and hand it to the City Clerk upon arrival.  Citizen’s communications will be immediately following the Regular Agenda items on each agenda.
11.Executive Session
A.Adopt a Resolution making appointments to various boards, commissions, and committees. [Advertising and Promotion Commission, Board of Adjustment, Civil Service Commission, Heating and Air Conditioning Board of Review, Housing Authority, Library Board, Personnel Policy Committee, and Plumbing Board of Review] (CCD)
B.Boards and Commissions Expiration of Terms. (CCD)



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