Last night at the Texarkana City Board of Directors meeting passed a revised ordinance establishing the entertainment district in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas which includes a 14 block area. It will take effect in 30 days.

What does it all mean? According to the Texarkana Gazette

Establishments in the district licensed to sell alcohol may allow customers age 21 and over to leave with an open container. No one may enter any business with an open container.

All state alcohol regulations remain in effect, including that no open containers may be carried out from liquor stores, no open containers are allowed in any motorized vehicles, and underage drinking is illegal.

This is great news for Texarkana Arkansas as it will be even more appealing for more restaurants to open in Downtown Texarkana. When you take a look at other historic downtowns across the country having an entertainment district helps revitalize the area.

Get ready for more growth, activity, beautification and appreciation of our history in downtown Texarkana!

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