Texarkana burger restaurant "Smoke Point Burgers And More" has closed permanently.

The restaurant located at 5309 Stateline was a Texarkana favorite and one of my favorite places. The restaurant's Facebook page had this to say about the restaurant closing.

It is bittersweet that we are making this announcement. We have decided that we will be closing Smoke Point the restaurant on N Stateline and focusing more on our food truck.

"Smoke Point Burgers And More" opened up as "Capital Burger" but had to change its name back in March, Local Burger Restaurant Forced To Change its Name. 

In the post, the owners go into the details of why they have to close. It was primarily the lack of employees and the fact that their employees were being overworked and the added stress of having so little staff was taking its toll on the business. This is, unfortunately, an ongoing theme as another restaurant "Chappos" had to close on Saturdays because of a lack of staffing.

They go on to let their fans know that they will continue to operate their food truck so those folks like me can still enjoy their great food. They go on to let their loyal customers to keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when they have some pop-up events.

The restaurant was a favorite of mine and was my go-to place when it came to take-out burgers. I know right now it is a big deal trying to find employees to help staff local restaurants. But now more than ever take a minute and when you make your lunch and dinner plans make sure you pick local first to help out these struggling local businesses.

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