The Texarkana Arkansas Police responded to a call at approximately 1:58 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 23, to the 600 block of East 43rd Street for a disturbance call.

According to a press release, when officers arrived, they spoke with a sixty-eight-year-old female who provided a description of the suspect who broke into her home while she was asleep and began assaulting her. The victim said she fought off her attacker and reached for her cell phone to call 911 for help. However, the victim said the suspect took her phone from her, which prevented her from calling 911. The suspect then rummaged through her house briefly and fled the area. The victim was able to call 911 from another phone and requested police assistance.

The Criminal Investigation Division and Crime Scene Detectives were notified and arrived at the scene to begin collecting evidence. Moments later, officers located the victim's stolen cell phone in the general area, and crime scene detectives were able to lift a fingerprint from the phone, which identified the alleged suspect as Edward Cole, a thirty-year-old male from Texarkana, Arkansas.


All efforts were made to contact Mr. Cole. Upon further investigation, due to the evidence gathered, warrants were issued for Mr. Cole's arrest for Residential Burglary, Robbery, and Criminal Attempt Rape.

A Be On The Look Out (BOLO) was issued to all agencies for Mr. Cole's arrest. As a result, patrol officers Mason Shepherd and William Daugherty began looking into all avenues in search of Mr. Cole. With excellent investigative skills, they located Mr. Cole on Sunday, October 23, 2022, around 8:26 p.m. in the 4700 block of County Avenue and arrested him on active felony warrants.

Mr. Cole was transported and booked into the Miller County Jail, where he awaits his court appearance.

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