Texarkana Texas Police are currently looking for, and could use your help finding, 39-year-old Anthony Jewell, accused of felony theft.

According to the report posted on the Texarkana Texas Police Facebook Page:

The victim apparently hired Mr Jewell to replace the roof on his house in early May and paid him over $6,100 to do the job. Jewell told the complainant that he would be finished with the project by the end of May, but he never showed up again, never touched a shingle, never put one single nail in the roof.  The meeting where Jewell was paid all that money was the last time that the victim ever saw him.

The report goes on to say:

The victim messaged Jewell many times and asked what was going on, but Jewell would just come back with a litany of excuses about why he hadn't done the work yet - He was at his kid's graduation... He was in the mountains.... Dinner with his family... Finally, after three weeks of getting the runaround, the victim got tired of the whole mess and told Jewell that he just wanted his money back. Jewell told him that he'd give him the money back, but would have to charge him a 15 percent cancellation fee and another 35 percent as a product restocking fee, but he never followed through with that promise. Three months later, the victim still is waiting on Powell to give him the first penny of his money back. All that he has gotten are more promises to return the money owed and then excuses why he didn't. The victim didn't give up though, even though Jewell went so far as to threaten to file harassment charges against him if he ever contacted him again.

The victim finally was at his wit's end and contacted us last week for help. Detective Warren Smith was assigned the case and started going through all the messages between the victim and Jewell over the last few months. Pretty straightforward case actually. Detective Smith spoke to Jewell a couple times on the phone and was given excuses too. He agreed to come to the police department to be interviewed, but Jewell never showed up.

A felony warrant has been issued for Theft over $2,500 for Anthony Jewell. If you know where he can be found, please call at 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.

Anthony Jewell - TTPD
Anthony Jewell - TTPD

The TTPD also said, If you've ever had similar dealings with Jewell or his company, Aqua Roofing, where you paid for work that was never done, they would appreciate hearing from you.

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