These guys came in with their sticky fingers and started filling their pants with stuff that didn't belong to them at Cindies on State Line in Texarkana, on two different occasions no less.

Texarkana Texas Police have issued Theft Warrants for James Duppstadt and Joel Maris, according to a FB report, after two trips to Cindies in the last few weeks and left without paying, as the police put it;

for several... uh... "items".

In the report posted on Facebook, TTPD stated that in each instance, they waited until an employee was busy assisting other customers then they would start shoving merchandise in their pants. They weren't noticed at the time until after they left the store and an employee saw the empty boxes they left behind. Of course, Cindies has in-store cameras and the whole thing was captured on video. The estimate that about $550 worth of "items" were taken and TTPD would love to speak to these two.

The TTPD report went on to say:

Guess they thought they were being pretty slick but they didn't quite think it all the way through. You see... Maris went to the counter and paid for a small purchase before he left the store - all the while having stolen items hidden in his pants.
Now this is where it gets good... He had them scan his rewards card so it could get credit for the purchase. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

James Duppstadt and Joel Maris - TTPD
James Duppstadt and Joel Maris - TTPD

If you have a rewards card then all your personal information is in your account information with the store.

If you know where they can be found, please call the Texarkana Texas Police at 903-798-3116.

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