Texas Rangers are investigating a shooting involving a Texas woman getting shot by an off-duty police officer. 

According to Yahoo, Lacresha Murray was shot multiple times by an off-duty Copperas Cove police officer after an argument was sparked because she made a U-turn in front of his vehicle because she started feeling sick.

Murray told KXXV after she made the u-turn, the driver (off-duty police officer) went around her and got in front of her and slowed down. She then went around him again and he began tailing her. According to reports, she got out of her truck at a stop sign to confront the driver.

“I got out, jumped out (holding my hip area) like what’s your problem bro,” Murray told KXXV. “As soon as I did that he pulled a gun," Murray told the news outlet. 


Murray told KWTX she turned around to run back to her truck, and the driver shot her multiple times.

“When I turned around to run back to my truck and get out of there, I just heard pop, pop, pop, pop, and all I could do was bend over and duck”

According to Murray the driver didn't identify himself as an off-duty officer until the incident was over. Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting and had not released information about the incident as of Tuesday.

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