Everything is BIG in TEXAS, heck we know that already, the question is when you live in the Lone Star State where everything is big, who owns the biggest residential house in Texas? The answer is, we don't know who owns this one now, but we know who used to own it, and when you read it, it will make a lot of sense.

It's called Chateau Montclair and would you believe the former owner used to play professional football? Would you believe he played for the Dallas Cowboys? Would you believe he earned a Championship Ring as a player for the Cowboys? Of course you would. The former owner of this home is coaching a college team these days after a successful football broadcasting career. Have you figured it out yet?

He is a former Cowboy, 49er, Falcon, Raven, and Red Skin, he is a Hall of Famer with two Championship Rings over 14 seasons and 8 Pro Bowls.

Chateau Montclair - front drone shot - Texnetix/YouTube
Chateau Montclair - front drone shot - Texnetix/YouTube

His name is... Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders
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Not a big surprise that this flashy and brilliant football player would own such an amazing home in Prosper, Texas. Prosper is located a little north of Frisco, Texas which is a little north of Dallas straight up the North Dallas Tollway and not too far at all from "The Star", home of the Dallas, Cowboys in Frisco.

Chateau Montclair - back - Sotheby's/YouTube
Chateau Montclair - back - Sotheby's/YouTube

At 29,122 sq ft, this is the largest residential home in Texas. It is not the most expensive home in the state but with 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, theater, gaming room, bowling alley, indoor and outdoor pools, and much more, it should be sufficient for most folks.

Check out the gallery and videos below for the biggest residential home in the great state of Texas according to a report from Angi.com:

Biggest Home in Texas at 29,000 Square Feet

It should be no surprise that NFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders used to own this amazing home in Prosper, Texas. Shows what being really good at sports can get you. Really good at sports.

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