This Christmas tree finally made it up! Christmas Eve was the final day to get it up and that is just what I did on a cold rainy afternoon.

I forgot how long it took to shape the tree. It had been crammed in a bag for at least two years. I had to put my headlamp on to do the job right. Everyone should have a headlamp, but that is a whole nother story in itself, back to the tree.

The biggest problem putting up the tree was space. Since my husband and I consolidated our two houses there isn't much space left. We have two sheds with furniture and decorations that will not fit so where in the world is tree going. I had forgotten that I purchased a slim tree so that helped tremendously.

My stepson requested a big tree this year and not one of those table-top versions. I put up multiple small trees two years ago. I thought more was better. Guess not.

Last year I didn't want to fool with any of it so I went to Wally World for a three foot tree and a few ornaments. I wound up with a purple tree and silver butterflies to decorate it. That didn't go over so great with the family. I made up for it this year though. I put lights and decorations on the porch and front walk area.

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