The way a person treats an animal can tell you everything you need to know about them and how things would be if you get into a romantic relationship.

Check out these common scenarios from Happen Magazine that show how people interact with their furry friends and what that indicates for their love life.

Your date's a disciplinarian -- If a person is constantly yelling at a big, clumsy, slobbery dog for being a big, clumsy, slobbery dog, what could that possibly mean for you the day you rub your date the wrong way?

Pets chow down at the dinner table -- If your dinner conversation is constantly interrupted by Bubba's big blond head popping up from under the table to get the lion's share of the appetizers, your date may have some boundary issues.

Your own pet makes them jealous -- Dates who are threatened by the time and attention you spend with an animal will likely be even more jealous of other things in your life-friends, relatives, work.

They use their own pet as a proxy -- If your date says, "Well, I would like to go to the Cape for the weekend but Tiffany, my Rottweiler, hates the beach," you could have a passive-aggressive type on your hands.

Their pet is overly accessorized -- This might indicate that the owner is either rich (no complaints here), or harboring a deep sense of inferiority.

They don't like animals -- Forget about them. That's clearly an evil person.

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