I don't care what the official PR machine in Washington D. C. or the mainstream media tries to get you to believe, you and I know that everything is getting more expensive. While we can argue as to the primary cause, you cannot argue that the results equal lower value of the dollar and higher transportation costs, and that leads to the price of everything going up. Have you reached the point of cutting back yet? Are you making sacrifices to try and maintain your quality of life? Or have things already started to snowball downhill on your family? For me and my bunch it's the latter.

Every day it seems that snowball is growing, we're cutting back all right and we've got a little room to cut back even more, but I worry about the fixed income people. You know, your grandma or grandpa, retired for fill-in-the-blank years. Every time the value of a dollar goes down their purchasing power goes down with it, but their income can't go up unless they go back to work. Good luck finding a job.

What can you do? Vote in November for one thing. But what can you do right now? How about raising some chickens? They cost less than $3 each when they're chicks. Grow your own fruits and veggies? If you have a little room raise some livestock, goats, pigs, etc.

The world is changing rapidly and I for one have no intention of ever relying on the government to take care of me and mine. But you have to watch those slimy political types like a hawk though. They have already tried to shut down backyard gardening recently, and if "big farm" has their way, they will try again.

What are some of the ways you're cutting back and saving money? Help your neighbors get some good ideas right here.

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