Check out the top 10 most popular baby names in the great state of Arkansas for last year.

So yesterday I had one of those 'Facebook' memory posts come up n my feed. It was a picture of my soon-to-be 14-year-old son Grant looking at his new 3-month-old sister, Addy. Here is the short video of him letting me know it's his baby.

After seeing this video it did make me a little sad that Addy is now 10 and my son Grant will be 14 on Friday. So my son is named Grant because my wife's maiden name is Granberry, and my daughter is named Adelaide after a great-great-grandmother.

But what are the most popular baby names in Arkansas? The Social Security Website keeps track of the most popular baby names in each state and here are the top 10 names for babies in Arkansas last year.

Top 10 Girl Baby Names in Arkansas

Yuri Tasso Unsplash
Yuri Tasso Unsplash

10. Elizabeth

9. Ella

8. Evelyn

7. Harper

6. Paisley

5. Charlotte

4. Ava

3. Amelia

2. Emily

1. Olivia

Top 10 Boys Names in Arkansas

Dragos Gontariu Unsplash
Dragos Gontariu Unsplash

10. Grayson

9. Wyatt

8. Hudson

7. James

6. William

5. Asher

4. Noah

3. Elijah

2. Oliver

1. Liam

So there you have it. for the girls the most popular name is Olivia and for the boys it is Liam. I can't help but wonder if those boys that are named William go by Liam? I did a search for popular names in 1990 and check out the differences.

Top 10 Girl Baby Names in 1990 in Arkansas

Adele Morris Unsplash
Adele Morris Unsplash

10. Lauren

9. Heather

8. Courtney

7. Kayla

6. Megan

5. Sara

4. Amanda

3. Brittney

2. Ashley

1. Jessica

Top 10 Boy Baby Names in 1990 in Arkansas

Filip Mroz Unsplash
Filip Mroz Unsplash

10. Jacob

9. Zachary

8. Cody

7. William

6. Mathew

5. James

4. Justin

3. Joshua

2. Michael

1. Christopher

Do you think that pop culture has any influence on baby names?

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