The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) just released the list of the top ten fast food restaurants, most of which we have in Texarkana so my question is, do you agree with the ranking?

Good news for fast food establishments, ACSI found that customers have switched gears from a year ago and now prefer fast food restaurants over full service restaurants. According to ACSI's findings, here are the top 10 fast food restaurants:

No. 1: Chick-fil-A  (ACSI Score 87)

No. 2: Papa John's (ACSI Score of 82, tied with Panara Bread, not pictured because Texarkana doesn't have one yet) 

No. 4: Subway (ACSI Score of 81)

No. 5: Arby's (ACSI Score of 80)

No. 6: Chipotle Mexican Grill: (ACSI Score of 79, tied with Dunkin' Donuts, not pictured because Texarkana doesn't have one)

And wrapping up with a 3-way tie:

No. 8: Little Caesars: (ACSI Score of 78)

No. 8: Domino's: (ACSI Score of 78)

No. 8: KFC: (ACSI Score of 78)

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