Ice Cream Cutie

When I started this piece it quickly became apparent that we really don't have any places in Texarkana to cool off, you know like public swimming pools and that sort of thing. See the video below from my friend JeffOnTheRadio. We have some places in the surrounding area to go swimming but what we're talking about here is where you can go for a "quick" cool down. You know, it's one of those days, 105 degrees in the shade and you just can't take it anymore, what's a great way to cool down without spending a fortune and you don't have to get wet or change clothes?

Here is the list I came up with, see if you agree, be sure to tell me below if you have any other suggestions:

5. The entrance to any big box store that tries to blow you back out the door as you fight the hurricane force winds to get in.

Pros: Quick Cool Fix - Cons: Thrill doesn't last long, they won't let you stand in the door all day, really messes up your do.

4. Grocery Store Frozen Food Section.

Pros: Feels nice for a while. Cons: No place to sit, nipples you can cut diamonds with. Although you may be tempted, no frozen pea bags in your pants, just trust me on this one.

3. Restaurant or Bar Walk-In Freezers.

Pros: Quick Cool Down. - Cons: Too cold to be comfortable, no place to sit down, you may get tossed out on your backside because your not supposed to be in there.

2. Movie Theater

Pros: Now we're talking, a place to sit for a while and be entertained while sipping on a beverage and chomping on popcorn. Cons: Movie might suck, possible weight gain from excessive popcorn and candy intake, plus if you take the family this might break the rule about "spending a fortune."

1. Ice Cream Store! Marble Slab, Cold Stone Creamery or anyplace with a soft-serve machine!

Pros: DUH, it's Ice Cream! Cons: I can think of a few but... look at the Pros again!

Well that's my take, feel free to share your opinions below, and thanks for reading this, stay cool.



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