Today marks a year that George Floyd was murdered by Derrick Chauvin, former Minneapolis Police officer. That being said, I went back to see what I had to say on this day that And if you’re not speaking out in some shape form or fashion about the death of George Floyd and the countless others, and this unfair justice system as a whole, then you’re part of the problem. And you’re just as bad as those friends on your timeline who are speaking out about the looting and rioting, but SILENT when an innocent black man is murdered in broad open daylight, downtown in front of a group of people….. By a man With a look on his face that said he had a point to prove and as if George Floyd’s life had NO VALUE. Sounds familiar, huh? Because the hangings of our people were carried out as such as well.

SILENCE IS CONSENT. Use your voice…. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be leading a peaceful demonstration downtown protesting this injustice.

We Remember....

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