Every now and then you run into something that brings back fantastic memories from your youth, this YouTube clip brought back a slew of them from a television show that, as you may have guessed, had a real influence in my life. From 1978 - 1982 the loonies of WKRP invaded our living rooms in 90 episodes of pure greatness.

Doctor Johnny Fever, Jennifer, Bailey, Venus Flytrap, Herb, Andy, Les Nessman and of course the Big Guy kept me laughing for years. If you're old enough to remember this TV series then it probably holds a place of honor in your funny bone as well. If you're young enough to have not experienced this show, maybe when you find your self with 30 minutes to kill, check it out on Hulu, the whole series is there.

Below is the "Turkey's Away" clip I found on YouTube, however the full episode #7 titled "Turkeys Away" in below that. Play it in honor of Thanksgiving 2016, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

One piece of wisdom to come out of that episode: Always keep your head up, you never know when some turkey is about to land on you.