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ABC's Family Food Fight had families in TK gathered around the TV to see Texarkana natives Shayla White, Darlena Brown and Tanji White throw down in a friendly, yet highly competitive kitchen showdown!  Shayla was not knew to the TV spotlight for her cooking, and now she's not new to the restaurant business!

Lights, Camera, Action! It's showtime! Today was the grand opening for "Prepping 2 Live", a cute new restaurant in Texarkana with a ton of flavor... literally! The restaurant boasts all types of good treats and eats, from homemade cookies and donuts to chips and candy and a daily special that will have you loving life!

I stopped by today and had the daily special. Today's special was chicken spaghetti, skillet green beans, carrots, and salad (optional) for $12. I don't know what in the world Shayla put in those green beens, but when I tell you from first bite, it was a party in my mouth. And I'm not much of a green bean fan. Well at least I wasn't... til now!

Still keeping it in the family, Prepping 2 Live is run by Shayla and her hubby with help from her sister.  Prepping 2 Live will be open during the week now from 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Although the grand opening was today, the restaurant has technically been open for a while.

I've actually been open for a while, but only on Sundays for customers to come pick up their food prep. (hence the name) My meal prep menu comes out on Tuesday. Orders have to be placed by that Friday, and pick-up is Sunday, Shayla shared with me today.

Shayla White definitely knows her way around the kitchen and she has loved cooking since age 12. She credits her grandmother Lillian Brewster for all her cooking skills. And I bet Mama Brewster is the author of the green bean recipe! Oh my Gawd!

They're located at 4002-A Jefferson Ave Texarkana, Texas. I snapped a few pics while there.... Such a quaint cool spot. The pictures do it no justice Check 'em out....

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