Since Mary J. Blige first stepped onto the music scene with her debut album What's the 411 back in 1994, she has been giving fans hit after hit. The queen of hip-hop soul used music to tell her story and give listeners advice on life, love, and loss.

On each of Mary's albums, she has tracks that will also uplift and inspire listeners. From telling people with bad vibes that there won't be any hateration or holleration in this dancerie, to being transparent with her fans, sharing both her highs and lows in life and love, Mary has been like your favorite cousin who won't judge you. She's the sister you go to for advice on love, and the cool aunt who knows how to get the party started.

Before the term "self-care" was coined, Mary was giving fans the blueprint on how to obtain self-love and self-worth. Here are 16 Mary J. Blige songs that will inspire, uplift, and keep the positive vibes flowing.

  • 1

    "My Life" - My Life (1994)

    "Life can be only what you make it, when you're feeling down you should never fake it. Say what's on your mind and you'll find in time that all the negative energy, it will all cease." The single "My Life," was an open and honest reflection of Mary's feelings and it was also a message to fans that they should never hide how they feel.

  • 2

    "Happy" - My Life (1994) 

    "How can I love somebody else, if I can't love myself enough to know when it's time, time to let go?" The opening of "Happy" will make you move your shoulders and also remind you that the greatest love of all is self-love.

  • 3

    "Love Is All We Need" ft. Nas - Share My World (1997) 

    While the song talks about a romantic relationship, the overall message is that love is at the center of all things. It reminds us to take a step back and look at what's really important.

  • 4

    "Keep Your Head" - Share My World (1997) 

    When life gets you down, staying strong and focused can be hard. Mary reminds us that no matter what's going on, we have to keep our head up because things will eventually get better.

  • 5

    "Don't Waste Your Time" - Mary (1999)

    There is always that one person who will have you going through it. Mary called on the queen of soul–Aretha Franklin— to remind us to leave if the relationship is unhealthy. Don't waste your time, just walk away.

  • 6

    "Family Affair" - No More Drama (2001) 

    Some days you just want to forget about all of your drama and have a good time. "Family Affair" is that feel good song that does the trick every time.


  • 7

    "Beautiful Day" - No More Drama (2001) 

    With the hustle and bustle of daily living, it's easy to forget to take a moment to breathe and be grateful for life. "Beautiful Day" is a reminder to practice self-care by being positive and grateful.

  • 8

    "Take Me As I Am" - The Breakthrough (2005) 

    From beginning to end, "Take Me As I Am," is a reminder to anyone who listens that they are enough. Mary again uses her life to tell the story. In the music video, she showcases different scenarios played out in which unhealthy relationships have harmful and long-term negative effects.

  • 9

    "Enough Cryin" - The Breakthrough (2005) 

    So, you've gone through the bad breakup and it's been awhile—it's time to get up and move on. "Enough Cryin," will put the pep back in your step, and give you the confidence to keep going. This song is also the first time Mary introduced her rap alter-ego, Brookl Lynn.

  • 10

    "Just Fine" - Growing Pains (2007) 

    On days when you need a confidence boost or simply want to dance and feel good, "Just Fine," will make you look in the mirror and smile.

  • 11

    "Work In Progress" - Growing Pains (2007) 

    Mary is very transparent in this song— she opens up about lacking self-love and talks to fans about her everyday struggles. "Work In Progress," reminds her fans that she is a work in progress and it's okay because everyone is.

  • 12

    "I Feel Good" - Stronger With Each Tear (2009) 

    This is another song to blast when you just want to feel good about yourself. "I Feel Good," is upbeat and keeps a cool vibe throughout the entire song. It's a song to play in the morning on your way to work or while you get dressed to go out with friends.

  • 13

    "Therapy"- The London Sessions (2014) 

    Mary has let a lot of her problems spill out on her tracks, and with "Therapy," Mary gives herself and fans a solution when things are going wrong with this soulful offering—get professional help.

  • 14

    "Doubt" - The London Sessions (2014) 

    In an empty theatre, Mary J. Blige is taking a stroll down memory lane and reflecting on her life. Doubt has played a major role in her life and she shares how she overcame it. This song will inspire people who doubt themselves and show them how they to can push past their obstacles to succeed in life.

  • 15

    "Love Yourself" feat. A$AP Rocky Strength of a Woman (2017) 

    "Oh, you gotta love yourself If you really wanna be with someone else. You gotta feed yourself before you feed somebody else. You gotta stay open and don't be foolish 'Cause everybody don't mean you well. You gotta love yourself before you love somebody else."

    Mary is reminding listeners once again that self-love is important, and after going through her own personal issues (her divorce to Kendu Issacs) she stresses that no one else should trump loving yourself.

  • 16

    "Strength Of A Woman"- Strength Of A Woman (2017) 

    Through all of Mary's ups and downs, she has constantly created music that celebrates women. She teamed up with the cast of TNT's Claws, for her 2017 single, "Strength Of A Woman." This song celebrates being a woman and womanhood. It's affirming and gives women everywhere a song they can pump their fists to.

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