The weather was almost perfect and the turnout was even better than expected for the Texarkana Gun Club's April USPSA/IPSC match. Over 40 shooters, a club record, participated in the April 2nd event just 13 minutes west of Texarkana out Hwy 67.

The match will not go down in my book as my best, but certainly not my worst either. I learned a valuable lesson on how much harm a miss, as in "missed the target", can do to your overall score at the end of the day. I only had five misses total, but three of them came on a crucial stage where there weren't many shots fired. Without going into way more detail about scoring than anyone wants to read, that was bad, and pulled my overall score way down. Note to self; From now on dork-boy, get the hits, then move on.

Top 10 Combined Division Placement:

  1. Harmon Greer
  2. West Chandler
  3. Bill Vickers
  4. Bryan Pool
  5. Richard Jones
  6. Gerald Meharry
  7. Kelly Murray
  8. Lincoln Hassell
  9. Josh Blackstone
  10. Harold Norris

Congratulations to our winners on the day, it was a great day of shooting and I hope fun was had by all.

If you would like to join us, looking for a good instructor or you just need a good place to shoot, go toTexarkanaGunClub.org for more information.

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