Jim Weaver on the range.

This coming weekend (5/7/11) is our third USPSA/IPSC Texarkana Gun Club match of the 2011 season. As I understand it, there is another area championship match going on this same weekend near Little Rock, AR so we may not have as big a turnout as we normally do.  Which come to think of it may be a great thing for lil' ol' me, maybe I'll get my first division win! Nah, that's aiming a bit too high I'm sure.

Lessons learned from last month's match will be put into application this month, I hope. You may remember I really did myself in with 3 misses on one stage, turns out that's a very bad thing. So to make sure I don't do that again, the key is forcing myself to slow down, just a bit, and call my shots. Be sure of each one, and if I'm not sure, take another shot. That's the cool thing about this kind of match, if you miss you can take another shot, the scoring is done on the best two shots on any given paper target. If it takes you 4 shots to get 2 good ones, that's ok, of course if it takes you 4 to get 2 your going to use a lot more ammo than you had planned on that day. And your stage times are going to stink! But, you get my point, slow down and be sure of the shot.

Texarkana Gun Club

Practice this month has been a lot of dry firing at home, drawing and magazine changes. I'm left eye dominant which is not exactly a good thing for a right-handed shooter so I've been working on trying to switch my aiming eye. Yeah, I'm sure that will work out just fine, one day. (Blink, Blink) Want to take any bets that I draw my gun this weekend and close both eyes, at least once?

Wish me luck gang!

As always if you would like to join us, looking for a good instructor or you just need a good place to shoot, go to TexarkanaGunClub.org for more information.

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